Company Overview

WIDYA HERBAL INDONESIA is a startup company that collaborates with UMG Idealeab Indonesia with the aim of developing herbal products and tele health with doctors who are able to provide safe, reliable, and affordable alternatives to improve health quality.

The product presented is a flashback of the story of Abiyasa who is the grandfather of the Pandavas. Abiyasa’s privileges such as an ascetic expert, a constitutional expert and a medical expert made Abiyasa live a long life, which is to have 6 offspring. The big secret he does is to consume “sekar sekethi” (a million flowers) which include “soka”, “puring”, “jering”, “nogokerti”, “kurinjem”, “nogosari”, “bungur”, “kanigara” , “pusponyindro” and “pusponjolo”. Flowers contain “amerta” (mineral) life water, which not only heals but also revives.

Widya Herbal Indonesia carries the idea of how humans can continue to live with good and healthy quality for posterity with reliable herbal ingredients such as Geniring Tistis (reducing shore troat), Angga Kawasa (boosting the immune system), Tangkil Kusiko (natural antioxidant), Kala Srenggi ( reverse aging), Nadi Prayascitta (improves blood circulation), Amadumurti (reduces blood glucose), Nirpana (reduces blood fat), Sari Separsana (aromatherapy), Tahulan Sandi (strengthens bones and joints) and Visudha Badhana (improves lung function).

Our promise is always to answer all body problems to improve life for up to 5 generations (5G) with herbal products based on nanotechnology supported by telemedicine. Our passion is to bridge the gap between heritage and technology to improve the quality of life.

Establishment Time : 2021

Address : Sagan Kidul Street No.14, Terban, Gondokusuman, Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55223

Phone : +62 8112 9565 88