Company Overview

CROWDE is an agriculture-focused financial technology that empowers farmers across Indonesia with technology and capital. Thousands of farmers and investors across Indonesia have already put their trust in us to accomplish what has not been done before: a farmer-friendly financing ecosystem that put in touch investors seeking attractive returns with farmers that are looking for capital to grow, create employment and support local communities.

At CROWDE, we only do agriculture and do it well: we understand how to assess agri-project financing and manage risks pertaining to agriculture. Beyond connecting investors and farmers we also integrate the entire agriculture ecosystem from suppliers to customers through technology.

Our investors and farmers have influenced the core of our mission, they are both highly driven individuals who seek to better their own future, this has always inspired us and we look to change Indonesia with this mission in mind.

Establishment Time : 2015

Address : Jl. Tebet Raya Nomor 34 Blok A Persil Nomor 4, Jakarta Selatan 12820, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone : 021-2138-3317