Company Overview

Bahasa Kinerja Utama are emerging company focused on natural language and speech related technology development. Our best product includes automatic meeting transcription and summarization systems, smart call centers with voice analytics system, voice biometrics and fraud detection system. We also provide voice enable medical record, voice enable smart home, smart speakers, etc. In the field of natural language processing we have topic modeling and detection, clustering and sentiment analytics, etc. We have developed Interactive Voice Response system included Indonesian speech synthesizer system.

Our vision : Become the largest and advanced company in the natural language and speech related technology development in bahasa Indonesia.

Our mission : To innovate high-quality natural language and speech related technology products. Establishing mutually beneficial synergies with Government, Private and Academic Agencies.

Establishment Time : 2015

Address : Jl. H. Naman No.4, RT.1/RW.4, Pondok Kelapa, Kec. Duren Sawit, Kota Jakarta Timur,

DKI Jakarta 13450

Phone : +622122846729