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An end-to-end corporate venture capital that manages inter-connecting startups across Asia, UMG Idealab strives to partner with innovative and talented entrepreneurs that share our ideas and vision to create disruptive new business models to meet continuously changing technology markets.

Help Potential ideas to Grow

And Give meaningful impact

UMG Idealab is corporate venture capital that seeks collaboration with external ventures to achieve mutually beneficial condition from both parties. Led by one of the biggest corporate moguls in Myanmar, known as UMG Myanmar.


Our mission is to guide the finest generation of entrepreneurs to make their ideas happen. Our main focus is to invest and guide technology enabled start-ups that has exponential growth potential and meaningful social impact in this technology driven era.


Being true, honest and authentically consistent is the crucial factor for us to foster meaningful business


We believe in new ways of thinking to add value to an existing idea or product and to make substantial changes in society.


Impact investing allows us to be a part of social change that makes a measurable difference for our future generations.


We encourage our start ups to collaborate with each other.


Market Potential is very important for the start ups to scale ups.


Hai Entrepreneur dan Technopreneur!

Bagaimana cara mendapatkan funding? Bagaimana cara menghitung valuasi? Dan bagaimana menyusun exit strategy?

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Our Proud Family

Seeing the creative community in Indonesia is very much unstoppable, IdeaLab decided to expand to Indonesia. It’s expected that a good partnership with many start-up businesses could progress.

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