Donni Prabowo

Yogyakarta Portfolio Management Regional Head

Donni Prabowo has extensive knowledge in building a start up ecosystem especially in Yogyakarta. Beside UMG Idealab, he’s also The Director of Business and Partnership in ABP Start Up Incubator where he successfully helping some of ABP’s portfolio from the ideation until it got funded by investors (up until series A) and generating IDR 1 billion in less than 1.5 year.

Jacob Win – Malang-Surabaya Portfolio Management Regional Head
Jacob Win is Professional Digital Business Coach that helps a lot of start ups. He’s one of the mentors in “Asia Entrepreneurship Training Programme” that’s inisiated by University of Zurich and “Korean Start Up Mentoring Program” that’s inisiated by Korean Government. He also has a consulting firm “CATALIZ Consulting, Training and Coaching” and Head of Department of UNIKAMA Business and Entrepreneurship Center.