About Us

UMG Idealab is a Southeast Asia-focused corporate venture capital investing in early stage startups that intertwine with each other as an ecosystem. Our diverse team with various background and experience provides the best comprehensive values and insight in understanding and developing startup industry in the region.

It is about making

Ideas happen.

UMG Idealab oversees an investment portfolio of almost 40 early stage, inter-linked startups in sectors including 4.0 industry, e-commerce, agriculture, biotechnology as well as healthcare, education, marketing and food manufacturing. The interconnected startup proposition aligns with our firm’s end goal in establishing an integrated startup ecosystem in Asia, with particular focus in Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and China.

Help Potential ideas to Grow

And Give meaningful impact

Led by UMG Myanmar, one of the largest corporations in Myanmar with successful experience and track records in building companies, UMG Idealab strives to partner with various external ventures and entrepreneurs in achieving their ideas through collaborative and sustainable investments.


Our mission is to guide the finest generation of entrepreneurs to make their ideas happen. Our main focus is to invest and guide technology enabled start-ups that has exponential growth potential and meaningful social impact in this technology driven era.


Being true, honest and authentically consistent is the crucial factor for us to foster meaningful business


We believe in new ways of thinking to add value to an existing idea or product and to make substantial changes in society.


Impact investing allows us to be a part of social change that makes a measurable difference for our future generations.

Meet Our Team

Kiwi Aliwarga

Founder And Chairman

Luthfi Juharta

Investor relations & Project Management

Jefry Pratama

Jakarta Portfolio Management Regional Head

Donni Prabowo

Yogyakarta Portfolio Management Regional Head

Jacob Win

Malang-Surabaya Portfolio Management Regional Head